About Us

LKS Online Book is made by a team of three people, Rose a writer and artist, Lilly a photographer and film maker and Lorenza, a web designer/programmer and musician. We have contributing artists and writers to make LKS an enriching experience so you are in good hands. We feel strongly about providing illustrative information for the spiritual, loving and thinking woman.

We have made this project an ongoing book to regularly update with insightful information that will stimulate awareness and create new possibilities.We are working towards a visual language which is able to convey our full respect of the individual and celebrate a sense of freedom of expression.

We all share a deep longing to be intimate and know that some of the golden rules of communication are to be aware of yourself and if you want to receive love, be loving. Love is a permanently self-enlarging experience and challenges our limitations; this requires enormous self-discipline, emotional development and a will to investigate.